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Efficient and effective retirement benefit programs require initial and periodic analysis of business factors such as: employee demographics, tax incentives, company culture, business objectives and growth projection, cash flow and budgets. Understanding the individual goals of each business owner helps Above & Beyond Retirement determine the best type of plan: 401(k), Roth 401(k), Safe Harbor, Profit Sharing, New Comparability aka Cross Tested, Defined Benefit, Cash Balance, or a combination of these.

Knowing how all components interact in the retirement plan non-discrimination and operational compliance world is critical to designing a plan that will meet each individual company's retirement benefit and tax savings goals.


This critical analysis process helps ensure that the right plan is established, with the proper provisions in place to optimize benefits. In addition, service provider placement assistance helps to match business owners with the appropriate professionals to look after and maintain the day-to-day compliance for their retirement plan benefit programs.  Above & Beyond Retirement also provides ongoing and periodic consulting review and benchmarking services to identify beneficial plan provision upgrades and/or service provider change recommendations as plan benefit programs evolve over time.  Another key compliance service provided by Above & Beyond Retirement is education; not only for benefiting employees, but also for plan sponsors, human resources personnel and fiduciaries. Understanding your retirement plan benefit program is key to staying compliant, as well as optimizing efficiency and benefits